LONDON RIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all im going to miss u so much Miss lotriet and the second thing, is I am very scared about the riots because I  can see the smoke out of my window and i am so scared that it is in croydon near whit gift center!!

I just want to say stay safe everybody.


Every body please just stay safe! I hope this does not continue and the police do something about it. I hope it does not get to close to any of our houses. Do not go outside! Stay indors!

Year 4 has a mission

We have just received a parcel from somebody. We looked inside and found some papers with photos on them. We thought it might be about carnivals. Also we found a qr code. We scanned the qr code and it gave us a message from Otter Class at Newhall Park Primary in Bradford and a web adress so we started typing it but then it was break. After break, we finished typing the url and it took us to a video. We watched the video twice over and the girls in it said ” Bangkok class can u tell us what a carnival is ” ? Then we looked on a map how far away Bradford is from London. It was quite far. Now we are trying to find out how tell them what carnival means. Can you think of a way to help us tell them?

Here is the mission they made for us!

The Dark Night (Chapter 6)

Jack was hiding in the red and black spotted bush and the lights shined on the bush but the guards didn’t expect anything so Jack had a chance to escape! Running quickly, he made it past the big camouflaged tower. Suddenly, a guard saw him run through the gate and but he managed to escape! The guards called the police  and told them to chase after him! Jack took out his China Lake and shot one of the police car! The police were worried and they needed back up straight away otherwise Jack would be out of sight and will be robbing the banks again! James was looking for danger around the city when he saw Jack running across the street! James swooped down aas quickly as he could but unfortunately Jack managed to escape! James saw him in the corner! whats going to happen next find out nextime!

The dark night (Chapter 5)

It is time to find out if James will escape with g11 and the china lake! Thinking extremlly, Jack hoped he would be able to find a hidden button that would open his gate. He saw something gleeming on the transparent wall. Wondering if he should press the button, he thought he would go and check if any guards were there just in case they try to stop him. Holding carelessly he picks up the g11 to shoot the guards invade try to stop him! The guards were eating on the floor so they had no idea that Jack opened the gate of his cage and managed to escape without harming them! He quickly ran to the gate to escape and jumped into the red and black spotted bush an hoped that the lights didn’t shine on the bush. Find out if he escapes or not next week or hopefully tommoro! Tune in next time and goodnight!

This is my Homework

Gable Hall School

Southend Road



SS17 8JT

22nd November 2007


Dear Miss Read,

We shouldn’tget homework everyday because we get tired and bored.

Please don’t give us homework everyday because it gets boring and my hands start to hurt.

If you give us homework every day, then Iwon’t be bothered to do it because I’d rather play outside orchat to my friends.

There is a point of homework but I don’t think we should get it everyday.

We should only get homework on Friday’s because then we wouldn’t be bored and tired all the time.

Please please please only give us homework on Friday’s please.

Yours sincerly,

Ella Ryan

The Dark night

Chapter 4

Its time to find out if Jack gets out of jail! He has been there designing a new weapon called the g11 with a low power scope that lets him zoom in like a sniper rifle! He is also designing a new weapon called the china lake! It is a grenade launcher that can blow anything up with one single grenade because the launcher has such a strong force, the grenade will blow up before you can even blink! These 2 weapons can get him out of jail really easily! Will James save the day once again or not? Find out tommoro!! 😉 🙂 :0

The dark night

Chapter 3 It’s time to find out if Jack has missed his finall shot! James saw Jack fire but hopefully he missed! Sneaking quietly, James got up behind him and quickly got him onto the floor! He picked him up and took him to the police so that he would never rob again! We shall see if he gets out after this Friday be ready!