100 word challnge

The next day in the Magic Kingdom Twilight saw a new star in the sky which was a signal of a new fairy was coming. 5 minutes later the new fairy arrived called Starlight. She started crying when she arrived in the Magic Kingdom. Fat tears rolled down her cheeks silently. She made friends almost immediately when she meet Sunlight, they became best friends forever. They was together almost 16 hours a day but a year later another fairy came and she formed a friendship with her. Every year a new fairy comes so you wouldn’t be new for long. So she had loads of great friends forever.


Lola was busy dreaming about what presents she would get when she woke up. Then it happened. She woke up. She then turned round and reached for her glasses when she realised they weren’t there. Why? This made her peer in her nightie pocket.Her contacts were there. She put them in while her watch said 2:28am. “Not another one of Danny’s tricks.” She mumbled, bewildered. Soon after that she realised she was in a car boot. Her dad’s mercedes boot was green.  Fat tears rolled down her cheeks silently. She had been kidnapped on the morning of her birthday!

my homwork

the grid challenge

5.frog:a frog lives in a pond, it dose not live in the sea becuse it is salte,shark;can live in a sea but can not live in a pond


9:the girl,who hade red hair,ran around the scary corner. the girl slowly ran around the corner with her party clothes on.

Year 4 has a mission

We have just received a parcel from somebody. We looked inside and found some papers with photos on them. We thought it might be about carnivals. Also we found a qr code. We scanned the qr code and it gave us a message from Otter Class at Newhall Park Primary in Bradford and a web adress so we started typing it but then it was break. After break, we finished typing the url and it took us to a video. We watched the video twice over and the girls in it said ” Bangkok class can u tell us what a carnival is ” ? Then we looked on a map how far away Bradford is from London. It was quite far. Now we are trying to find out how tell them what carnival means. Can you think of a way to help us tell them?

Here is the mission they made for us!

Octopus in Love

In Bangkok  class,Miss Lotriet played us some music from a video on youtube and we had to guess what was going on in the video from the music. We thought it would be some thing to do with chasing because the music got faster and faster during the song.Then she showed us the video and it was called octopus in love.It was about 2 octopuses in love and a man takes the girl octopus so he can take her to a restaurent and cook her.So the boy octopus go’s after the man in his van.After we watched the video 2 times,MissLotriet gave us a sheet of clips from the video we have to cut them out and stick them in order on another piece of paper.

Our ideas after just listening to the music from the film



Our ideas after seeing a picture from the opening of the film



    Piecing the story back together


    And here’s the film…

In the mirror I saw…

This week in literacy, we have been having fun trying out some activities from Pie Corbett’s book, Jumpstart Literacy.

Today we played a game to get our imaginations going where we all had to finish the following line in the most imaginative way possible:

In the mirror I saw…

Some of the answers were so lovely we created this canvas after to record them.

How would you finish off the line? Leave a comment with your weird and wacky ideas below!


Lucky Elixa

Chapter 1
Earlier this year Elixa picked a four leaf clover and her month of good luck began. She never had good luck before only bad luck. She was extremaily exited to have a month of good luck insted of bad luck. The month of good luck begain the next day. First she got an A+ in a maths test and an A+ in scince.