On Wendensday 20th July It was my 9th birthday.The presnts i got were great. I got a purse from yasmin, a build-a-bear from my nan and grandad,a dvd ,2 cds and a ipod , that is the just mucic kind, from my mum and a puzzle book and pen from sunday school(At the church i go to).Also i got

100 word challnge

The next day in the Magic Kingdom Twilight saw a new star in the sky which was a signal of a new fairy was coming. 5 minutes later the new fairy arrived called Starlight. She started crying when she arrived in the Magic Kingdom. Fat tears rolled down her cheeks silently. She made friends almost immediately when she meet Sunlight, they became best friends forever. They was together almost 16 hours a day but a year later another fairy came and she formed a friendship with her. Every year a new fairy comes so you wouldn’t be new for long. So she had loads of great friends forever.

Lucky Elixa

Chapter 1
Earlier this year Elixa picked a four leaf clover and her month of good luck began. She never had good luck before only bad luck. She was extremaily exited to have a month of good luck insted of bad luck. The month of good luck begain the next day. First she got an A+ in a maths test and an A+ in scince.

Elixa reborn

Chapter 3
Now Elixa has been at school a week and her teacher is called Mr Chardonnay but he’s not very strict.She is a very lovely girl but terrorfid of one person his name was Bradly and no one dared to come near him but until today when Elixa saw him crying for the first time.After that he wanted some friends and she was his friend.
Wait for the next book in the seiris
book 2

Elixa reborn

Chapter 2
Today it is Elixa’s birthday.Her buddy in the school was Lilly.Lilly was afetionatie, playful, funny, loveable, soft and kind while Elixa was soft, loveable, playful, afetionate, funny and kind.The other children in the class were Shanon, Reace, Lisa, Jack, Jackie, Jade and Shauna.She had loads of friends.

Cocktail Making Book Week

On Wensday we did cocktail making with Miss Burdun. Then Miss Burdun read us a story and the story was called George’s Marvellous Medicine. After that we watched clip of cocktail making. Then we made the recpie for our cocktails. My cocktail recipe for fizzy fruity frandman was : 150ml of lemonade, 150ml of pinapple juice, 25ml of cranberry juice, 25ml of apple juice, 50ml of orange juice, 5 chunks of pinapple, 3 chunks of melon, an umbrella, 2 straws, a toothpick , 2 cherris and a picie of lime. Here is the stuff you need to make the cocktail fruity fruity : 25ml of lemonade, 50ml pinapple juice, 25ml of apple juice, 50ml orange juice, a picie of lemon, an umbrella and a straw. My group was Ujalia, Issia and Carla thats me. We tasted the cocktails and voted which one was the best. Our favroutie one was fizzy, fruity frandman and we gave it 9/10. We made a recpie book to keep the cocktail recpies in. My favroitie part was making the cocktails. I loved my day.