How’s shop

Miss cat had a new shop that is so big and in her shop there are:

6 lollipops

5 chocolate buttons

4 toffees

3  jelly babies

2 smarties

1 bubble-gum

…and  no  customers!

4 Bangkok Class Trip

Next week Friday we are going to go to bbc media and we have to make a little show about carnival but it is not going to be on the tv it is going to be for us so that we can but it on the blog so that the girls that asked us what a carnival is can know and they can also tell the whole of their classes what a carnival and celebrate it.

Animal adoption centre!

At the summer fair year 4 are going to do something called the animal adoption centre where poeple donate toys that are suitable to sell,we wont mind washing them but if they have something like a broken arm we cant sell that.Also were going to make birth certifcates for them,on it its going to say:whats its name, were it comes from, what it likes,what  it  dislikes and were going to leave a space for the owners name,we might make collars saying there name.At first we were going to put all the names of the toys into a hat so someone would pay a pound and whatever name they get theyll have that toy but then we were thinking if someone didnt like the toy they got there would be a problem,so now were going to let poeple decide what toy they want.

With love from London!

The theme of Kensington Avenue’s carnival this year is We Love London!

Today, children in Bangkok Class used the new Postcard apptivity on to create their own London postcards. First of all, we shared what we think about when we hear the word ‘London’ and then I challenged them to write a postcard as if they had spent the weekend in London.

What is your favourite thing to do in London? What pictures do you get in your head when you think of London?

my homwork

the grid challenge

5.frog:a frog lives in a pond, it dose not live in the sea becuse it is salte,shark;can live in a sea but can not live in a pond


9:the girl,who hade red hair,ran around the scary corner. the girl slowly ran around the corner with her party clothes on.