London Rap by Sabah and Yasmin

Im a South London kid from Kensington Avenue
Im sometimes in a bus and sometimes in a tube
I love it in the East and I love it in the West
We love London we think it is the best
We love to ride in Taxis and check out the View
And with our bubblegum we love to CHEW CHEW
I walk along the river it is called Thames
Then i like to have my lunch with all my best friends
I’ve seen the tower ,the bridge and the eye
Now i talked to you so long its time to say BYE BYE

100 word challnge

The next day in the Magic Kingdom Twilight saw a new star in the sky which was a signal of a new fairy was coming. 5 minutes later the new fairy arrived called Starlight. She started crying when she arrived in the Magic Kingdom. Fat tears rolled down her cheeks silently. She made friends almost immediately when she meet Sunlight, they became best friends forever. They was together almost 16 hours a day but a year later another fairy came and she formed a friendship with her. Every year a new fairy comes so you wouldn’t be new for long. So she had loads of great friends forever.

when i went to the seaside

this happened on thursday , in the morning we all woke up and got ready then we set off in the car , we also piked up my ancle and aunt and there son well he is biger th eme he is 16, it toke 23miles , when we reached  britan baech it was rockey there and i was wearing slipers beacuse i thoght it was sand beach,ohch it was paining a lot , we sat on the beach for about 5 hours or more , when we raeched , first of all we went and sat on the seaside rockes, my  ancle told me to take of my slippers and put my softs foots in the sea water , so i did , we all did , finally we spent 2 hours sittying on the bach  and  my dad brothy food for us, after we all went up and start walking  starat  to the minni funfair, on the way ,  my dad got all of us a lovley ice craem ,when we went on the rides, well…..  the people said you need some things with were clould tokens and each ride will only let two persons , each person should have 3 tokens for per a person, my first ride was  scary!!!!  the ride was going up down up down and then at the end it went uppppppp and  wowwwww  starat down it was scary for me, finale evry thing was done and we all went home,

The dark night (Chapter 5)

It is time to find out if James will escape with g11 and the china lake! Thinking extremlly, Jack hoped he would be able to find a hidden button that would open his gate. He saw something gleeming on the transparent wall. Wondering if he should press the button, he thought he would go and check if any guards were there just in case they try to stop him. Holding carelessly he picks up the g11 to shoot the guards invade try to stop him! The guards were eating on the floor so they had no idea that Jack opened the gate of his cage and managed to escape without harming them! He quickly ran to the gate to escape and jumped into the red and black spotted bush an hoped that the lights didn’t shine on the bush. Find out if he escapes or not next week or hopefully tommoro! Tune in next time and goodnight!

Tinker on a adventure chapter 2

The next day, when shila nocked  on tinkers door,Tinker came out and suddenly…. Tinker’s face was full of spots.”what happen Tinker”said shila “well i can’t go on the adventere to the humun world”said Tinker . shilla was shoked that Tinker could not go on the adventere,then shilla ran as fast as she could do.when shila reached home, she suddenly   hade a graet idea and so then the rest of the day she was beasy macking her own big air ballon.’all i need is a full back of  lovley gold fairy dust. “i don’t tkink that this is fineshed”said shilla,hollding a happer in her hande.Shilla was was shoked when she came out and was going to pick up the hammer.there was a  realy  littel  bee, buzzing around the tools  that she was using.”well i have now fineshe, i shoud retena this back totinker” said shella. when shilla got to tinkers door .then she thoght that tinker must be sleeping so she only  left it outside the door.

This is my homework

Dear Mrs Reid

I think you shouldn’t  give us homework every single night of the week. It will be better if you give us it every end of the week please  my hands get tired every day and it aches a lot .


Your sincerely

Ella Ryan

Tinker on a adventere chapter 1

Talking slowly,Tinker said to her freinds “what will it be to go on a adventere  to the human  world”.The other friends made a  ugly face at tinker but Shila, who was twinkel fairey hade a very  nervese  face and said to her self “well i all ways wanted to go on a advetere to the human world and beside tinmer has been on  lots  adventeres”. but then shila desided that she did want to go with tinker.The  next dayShila went toTinkers house and finale said” Tinker i am ready to go with you. Tinker was in a rage of happines and said” get all the things  ready for tomorwws  adventure” and so  Tinker was realy happy to go.