London Rap

•We really love London because it is so cool
•You should all visit and that is the rule
•To see across London , you can go on the eye
•The views are really great because you are so high
•Go to Buckingham palace to have tea with the Queen
•But beware of the guards , they look really mean
•I walk across the river, its called the Thames
•In the sunshine it looks like a gem
•You should agree London is so cool because its much better then the school!

Animal adoption centre!

At the summer fair year 4 are going to do something called the animal adoption centre where poeple donate toys that are suitable to sell,we wont mind washing them but if they have something like a broken arm we cant sell that.Also were going to make birth certifcates for them,on it its going to say:whats its name, were it comes from, what it likes,what  it  dislikes and were going to leave a space for the owners name,we might make collars saying there name.At first we were going to put all the names of the toys into a hat so someone would pay a pound and whatever name they get theyll have that toy but then we were thinking if someone didnt like the toy they got there would be a problem,so now were going to let poeple decide what toy they want.

Wierd Discovery!

Today in science Sabah and me were experimenting with microscopes.First we went outside to find things we could see using a microscope such as leafs,flowers,plants,grass and other things.Then when we went inside and started looking at the different objects under the microscope.Next we came to a purple leaf,we saw some little green stains on the leaf.We didnt think much of it until saw it through the microscop.The little green things was moving!They were insects, if you think you know what they are please comment.

We recorded them using the microscope!

Octopus in Love

In Bangkok  class,Miss Lotriet played us some music from a video on youtube and we had to guess what was going on in the video from the music. We thought it would be some thing to do with chasing because the music got faster and faster during the song.Then she showed us the video and it was called octopus in love.It was about 2 octopuses in love and a man takes the girl octopus so he can take her to a restaurent and cook her.So the boy octopus go’s after the man in his van.After we watched the video 2 times,MissLotriet gave us a sheet of clips from the video we have to cut them out and stick them in order on another piece of paper.

Our ideas after just listening to the music from the film



Our ideas after seeing a picture from the opening of the film



    Piecing the story back together


    And here’s the film…

The golden curse

chapter 4 the forgiving

Walking determandly,Alex kept on going.Suddenly she heard a sqeaky sneeze,Then she thought   to herself ” I  know that sneeze it couldent be”.Slowly turning, cristyna and alex screamed as they bumped into each other.alex started to laugh a lot,”why are you laughing you should be furious that I followed you all this way” angrilly shouted Cristyan.”Im laughing because all this time you’ve been follwing  me and it was right under my nose besides you know I never shout for nothing”calmly said Alex.Alex got her dusty back pack off and got a little recked doll.”After we broke up I went to the shops and got you a new doll the same as your old one,I tryed to give it to you but you always ignored me and I swere I did’nt take your doll. Suddenly Cristyna gave Alex a big hug and they were both best friends again.

The fading music/100 word challenge

Louise’s mum shouted get ready today we’re going to the seaside. So Louise got ready fast. She couldn’t wait to feel the sand between her toes and her arms swishing through the beatiful ocean but most of all she wanted to discover the beach. Once they got out of their little stuffy car, they bought some ice creams and sat on the sandy smooth beach in front of the ocean while licking their mouthwatering ice cream. As  she walked she heard  some music fading as she walked the music got louder.The music seemed to come from some birds churping “wow!”