Lola was busy dreaming about what presents she would get when she woke up. Then it happened. She woke up. She then turned round and reached for her glasses when she realised they weren’t there. Why? This made her peer in her nightie pocket.Her contacts were there. She put them in while her watch said 2:28am. “Not another one of Danny’s tricks.” She mumbled, bewildered. Soon after that she realised she was in a car boot. Her dad’s mercedes boot was green.  Fat tears rolled down her cheeks silently. She had been kidnapped on the morning of her birthday!

Octopus in Love

In Bangkok  class,Miss Lotriet played us some music from a video on youtube and we had to guess what was going on in the video from the music. We thought it would be some thing to do with chasing because the music got faster and faster during the song.Then she showed us the video and it was called octopus in love.It was about 2 octopuses in love and a man takes the girl octopus so he can take her to a restaurent and cook her.So the boy octopus go’s after the man in his van.After we watched the video 2 times,MissLotriet gave us a sheet of clips from the video we have to cut them out and stick them in order on another piece of paper.

Our ideas after just listening to the music from the film



Our ideas after seeing a picture from the opening of the film



    Piecing the story back together


    And here’s the film…

Lucky Elixa

Chapter 1
Earlier this year Elixa picked a four leaf clover and her month of good luck began. She never had good luck before only bad luck. She was extremaily exited to have a month of good luck insted of bad luck. The month of good luck begain the next day. First she got an A+ in a maths test and an A+ in scince.

The Dark Night (Chapter 6)

Jack was hiding in the red and black spotted bush and the lights shined on the bush but the guards didn’t expect anything so Jack had a chance to escape! Running quickly, he made it past the big camouflaged tower. Suddenly, a guard saw him run through the gate and but he managed to escape! The guards called the police  and told them to chase after him! Jack took out his China Lake and shot one of the police car! The police were worried and they needed back up straight away otherwise Jack would be out of sight and will be robbing the banks again! James was looking for danger around the city when he saw Jack running across the street! James swooped down aas quickly as he could but unfortunately Jack managed to escape! James saw him in the corner! whats going to happen next find out nextime!

The golden curse

chapter 4 the forgiving

Walking determandly,Alex kept on going.Suddenly she heard a sqeaky sneeze,Then she thought   to herself ” I  know that sneeze it couldent be”.Slowly turning, cristyna and alex screamed as they bumped into each other.alex started to laugh a lot,”why are you laughing you should be furious that I followed you all this way” angrilly shouted Cristyan.”Im laughing because all this time you’ve been follwing  me and it was right under my nose besides you know I never shout for nothing”calmly said Alex.Alex got her dusty back pack off and got a little recked doll.”After we broke up I went to the shops and got you a new doll the same as your old one,I tryed to give it to you but you always ignored me and I swere I did’nt take your doll. Suddenly Cristyna gave Alex a big hug and they were both best friends again.

Elixa reborn

Chapter 3
Now Elixa has been at school a week and her teacher is called Mr Chardonnay but he’s not very strict.She is a very lovely girl but terrorfid of one person his name was Bradly and no one dared to come near him but until today when Elixa saw him crying for the first time.After that he wanted some friends and she was his friend.
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book 2

The dark night (Chapter 5)

It is time to find out if James will escape with g11 and the china lake! Thinking extremlly, Jack hoped he would be able to find a hidden button that would open his gate. He saw something gleeming on the transparent wall. Wondering if he should press the button, he thought he would go and check if any guards were there just in case they try to stop him. Holding carelessly he picks up the g11 to shoot the guards invade try to stop him! The guards were eating on the floor so they had no idea that Jack opened the gate of his cage and managed to escape without harming them! He quickly ran to the gate to escape and jumped into the red and black spotted bush an hoped that the lights didn’t shine on the bush. Find out if he escapes or not next week or hopefully tommoro! Tune in next time and goodnight!

The love story (chapter 3)

As Branden ran home he took a deep breath he sat on his shining bright bed , he fell over unconsus hes mum was suprised and called 999 for the abulance . Lousie was doing fine she ignoring heself and reading her posts on her laptop , she was worried about him though . There mums were best mates they go shopping toghter all the time , so Bradens mum called saying  “Tanya is it you ! i need to tell you terrilbe news Braden is is hospital” “HIS WHAT what happend”” his unconcuaus ok i will see you at the hospiatl bye” . “Come on Louise lets go” ok i’m coming i’m coming” , as they both came to the hospital  they both saw each other and anruging  Lousie did’nt think this was her place so she jump out from the large smelly hospital window !                         TO BE CONTINUED ……………………….

The dark rogue chapter 3

Suddenly the dark rogue came to the monster hiding place he was looking around it was suspicious . The dark rogue was in a dangerous place. No one heard him yell or screamed he looked behind him and had a panic attack. He took out his dagger and threw it. Some guards ran to him and put him to prison he didn’t know where he was!…