100 word challnge

The next day in the Magic Kingdom Twilight saw a new star in the sky which was a signal of a new fairy was coming. 5 minutes later the new fairy arrived called Starlight. She started crying when she arrived in the Magic Kingdom. Fat tears rolled down her cheeks silently. She made friends almost immediately when she meet Sunlight, they became best friends forever. They was together almost 16 hours a day but a year later another fairy came and she formed a friendship with her. Every year a new fairy comes so you wouldn’t be new for long. So she had loads of great friends forever.

my homwork

the grid challenge

5.frog:a frog lives in a pond, it dose not live in the sea becuse it is salte,shark;can live in a sea but can not live in a pond


9:the girl,who hade red hair,ran around the scary corner. the girl slowly ran around the corner with her party clothes on.

This is my homework for Literacy

Yesterday i helped my friend and said ” Are you okay

Our class went to a class trip this morning!

The seagull to the boy octopus and my girlfriend wrapped her tentacles around the washing line and took off to save me she got me but then we fell into the sea. After we were swimming around and we saw a shark chasing us we tried our best but the shark was to fast he ate us quickly we were upset.