Last year in year 4

 We have left yr 4 and we are going to yr5 with Miss Latima  also i am going to miss Miss Lotriet alot almost half the class was crying and so was i but i will soon get over it we will not have 4 bangkok class blog again! but we will visit to see what the other yr 4 are doing on their new blogs.  

4 Bangkok Class Trip

Next week Friday we are going to go to bbc media and we have to make a little show about carnival but it is not going to be on the tv it is going to be for us so that we can but it on the blog so that the girls that asked us what a carnival is can know and they can also tell the whole of their classes what a carnival and celebrate it.

Todays Science

Today in the afternoon we did science and we went to the bottom playground and then we went to the pond to test the temperature and we also saw a mushroom and other types of insects like: spider ladybird,ant and a moth.There was a ant tree with like a hundred ants on it.

Friend :) :)

Today I had home made chicken and chips it was delicious my neighbour came to eat with us she is my mum’s friend they always talk to each other everyday and everywhere they are best friend she even drops us to school sometimes when she is not bussy.

Sciene Week

Today it is science week and on friday we are going to watch a science show in the school’s hall we are going to wear to some big shirts that belong to our parenets as lab coats and going to look and be science experimenters in white lab coats we will go round the school asking children questions.

2D shapes

Today we are learning about 2D shapes and we are playing a game that involes shapes that are 2D. You need to describe a 2D shape to your partner to guess and if they get it right they get one tick but if they get it wrong they get one cross. I am going to tell you one description. It has 2 long sides and one shorter side what 2D shape is this?

Enterprise project

Today Thursday the 31st of March we are going to sale some food like pizza,cookie biscuits,cupcakes,smoothies and popcorn.It is going to be the day of our life day of our life we are going to make it now and sell it at the end of the day because we are raiseing it for Guide Dogs UK.We hope that people love the things that we worked hard on.