London Rap by Sabah and Yasmin

Im a South London kid from Kensington Avenue
Im sometimes in a bus and sometimes in a tube
I love it in the East and I love it in the West
We love London we think it is the best
We love to ride in Taxis and check out the View
And with our bubblegum we love to CHEW CHEW
I walk along the river it is called Thames
Then i like to have my lunch with all my best friends
I’ve seen the tower ,the bridge and the eye
Now i talked to you so long its time to say BYE BYE

A Pig called Henry

Our new topic is Tudors and we will be writing historical  storys based on the Tudor times.We have been reading a story called A pig called Henry by Karen Wallace.It is about a boy called Arthur Knucklebone and his mother old mother Knucklebone,first he is sitting in the kitchen eating last weeks bread in a bowl of runny porridge.But he is in a bad mood.Today was  market day and his mother had told him to sell his pig Henry.But Arthur loved Henry very much.His mother was in the buisness of cures once she told Arthur to put pigeon dung on his cuts!

Here are some character sketches to show what we know about Arthur Knucklebone so far…


ocean princess

Chapter 4…       “Of course you could stay here” cried Rebecca  “oh thank you so much”said Stella excitedly.”So this is your room  well do you like it” said Rebecca “i dont like i love it its so shiny and bueatyful”  “well you could sleep now goodnight”said Rebecca “good night” replied Stella.BANG BANG! suddnely there was Rebecca clashing to pans together “morning morning” cried Rebecca “im coming”yelled Stella “breakfasts ready”said Rebecca…

tuder topic

Yesterday  we started our new topic of the tuders.Today we went to Hever Castle  it was amazing i liked everything about it espically lunch.It was delicious.The water maze was so fun i was soaked and the adventure park was fun too. But the castle was amazing it was so beautiful i really liked Hever Castle i wish i could go again.