Animal adoption centre!

At the summer fair year 4 are going to do something called the animal adoption centre where poeple donate toys that are suitable to sell,we wont mind washing them but if they have something like a broken arm we cant sell that.Also were going to make birth certifcates for them,on it its going to say:whats its name, were it comes from, what it likes,what

This week!

Hi,This week is book week.So we have been doing lots of activaties and workshop.The year 6s and year 4s have been doing workshops.These are the workshops, Game pod (you get to make your own game)with Miss Lotriet.Science lab(doing lots of exsperments)with Mr Musika the other year 4 teacher.Drama classes (doing lots of drama and acting)with mr Haris year 6 teacher, hes really funny.Cocktail shaking(Making and desighing your own cocktail)with Miss Burden a year 6 teacher.First we could only choose one of are favirites that we would defently be doing but we could only do 3 workshopson