With love from London!

The theme of Kensington Avenue’s carnival this year is We Love London!

Today, children in Bangkok Class used the new Postcard apptivity on purplemash.com to create their own London postcards. First of all, we shared what we think about when we hear the word ‘London’ and then I challenged them to write a postcard as if they had spent the weekend in London.

What is your favourite thing to do in London? What pictures do you get in your head when you think of London?

Education Blog Awards 2011

The winners of the Education Blog Awards 2011 were announced this morning and guess what?

We came joint third in the Class Blog of the Year category! Woo hoo!

This really is an amazing achievement every body! So many class blogs entered so to get that far amongst so many other great examples shows just how good at blogging you have all become! One of the judges said,

An impressive blog aggregating a variety of media from images to audio and demonstrating the wide ranging learning opportunities that go on in year 4 at Kensington Avenue Primary School.

So remember, if you have any cool ways you’d like to use polls, images, videos, audio clips or anything else on our blog just let me know and we’ll make it happen! Keep up the brilliant, award winning blogging!

All the results and other winners are here. Go check them out!

Carnival is here again!

Can you believe that this half term is almost over and next half term is our last one of the year? You know what that means… yes, it’s carnival time again! Like last year, our topic next term will be carnival and we’ll be parading around the streets of Norbury in our costumes at the end in our wholeschool carnival. Considering last year was our first ever carnival, I thought we did really well. Everybody’s costumes looked great. Cast your minds back and you will remember that the theme was ‘Healthy Living’. In year 4 we decided to focus on the ‘five-a-day’ rule and so dressed up as lovely fruits and vegetables! I’m not going to reveal the theme of this year’s carnival just yet though…

What can you remember about carnival last year?

Year 4 memories

This week, we are writing reports on what we have done in year 4 so far. For homework, I asked the children to mindmap as many memories of the year as they could. Yesterday, we had fun putting them all together into one big mindmap on the whiteboard, which you can see below. Haven’t we done a lot? And there’s still another half term to go!

What has been your favourite part of year 4 so far?