This is my Home work

Once upon a time Cathrine was walking in the woods. she was picking berry’s for her granny. her hair was red she had a red cloak, a dagger ( for protection). anyway back to the story she was in the middle of the dark woods when she met a big egg person stood up and Cathrine said “hello Sir “. Then the egg person turned around … it was a girl! ” Well i never. Just because i was climbing a wall does not make me a boy. Were living in the 21st century you know! equal chances for everyone!” Cathrine’s fat tears rolled down her cheeks silently. She had never been told off by anyone. So she ran home crying.

Year 4 has a mission

We have just received a parcel from somebody. We looked inside and found some papers with photos on them. We thought it might be about carnivals. Also we found a qr code. We scanned the qr code and it gave us a message from Otter Class at Newhall Park Primary in Bradford and a web adress so we started typing it but then it was break. After break, we finished typing the url and it took us to a video. We watched the video twice over and the girls in it said ” Bangkok class can u tell us what a carnival is ” ? Then we looked on a map how far away Bradford is from London. It was quite far. Now we are trying to find out how tell them what carnival means. Can you think of a way to help us tell them?

Here is the mission they made for us!

This is my homework for Literacy

Yesterday i helped my friend and said ” Are you okay

Our class went to a class trip this morning!

The seagull to the boy octopus and my girlfriend wrapped her tentacles around the washing line and took off to save me she got me but then we fell into the sea. After we were swimming around and we saw a shark chasing us we tried our best but the shark was to fast he ate us quickly we were upset.


The dark rogue chapter 3

Suddenly the dark rogue came to the monster hiding place he was looking around it was suspicious . The dark rogue was in a dangerous place. No one heard him yell or screamed he looked behind him and had a panic attack. He took out his dagger and threw it. Some guards ran to him and put him to prison he didn’t know where he was!…

This is my homework

Dear Mrs Reid

I think you shouldn’t  give us homework every single night of the week. It will be better if you give us it every end of the week please  my hands get tired every day and it aches a lot .


Your sincerely

Ella Ryan

100 word challenge

There onced lived a girl who lived near a graveyard.Terryfing music seem to come from the graveyard. People were terrified no one would go to the graveyard. Not even the bravest person would come. The sun was gone, the graveyard started to move, the music was so loud that no one could sleep. It was nightfall, the girl took one step closer to the graveyard and another and another. Everyone was cheering her on, she was the bravest girl in the town. Everyone was concerned. Eventually the girl ran to the graveyard. The terryfing music started to get louder and louder.