LONDON RIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all im going to miss u so much Miss lotriet and the second thing, is I am very scared about the riots because I  can see the smoke out of my window and i am so scared that it is in croydon near whit gift center!!

I just want to say stay safe everybody.


Every body please just stay safe! I hope this does not continue and the police do something about it. I hope it does not get to close to any of our houses. Do not go outside! Stay indors!

One thought on “LONDON RIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Pratik! Are you having a wonderful summer? I will miss you and the rest of Bangkok Class IMMENSELY. I’ve had such a great year with all of you, but I know I’ll still you all lots around school. 🙂

    I could see smoke from my window too, Pratik. It was a very scary time for a lot of people in Croydon and around the rest of the country. I’m very glad things feel calmer again now.

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