London Rap by Sabah and Yasmin

Im a South London kid from Kensington Avenue
Im sometimes in a bus and sometimes in a tube
I love it in the East and I love it in the West
We love London we think it is the best
We love to ride in Taxis and check out the View
And with our bubblegum we love to CHEW CHEW
I walk along the river it is called Thames
Then i like to have my lunch with all my best friends
I’ve seen the tower ,the bridge and the eye
Now i talked to you so long its time to say BYE BYE

One thought on “London Rap by Sabah and Yasmin

  1. Well done Bangkok Class. Some brilliant raps, great costumes and some wonderful writing. I hope you keep up the hard work in year 5!!
    p.s. My friend Ivan says he like the postcards that you did a couple of weeks ago:)

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