This is my Home work

Once upon a time Cathrine was walking in the woods. she was picking berry’s for her granny. her hair was red she had a red cloak, a dagger ( for protection). anyway back to the story she was in the middle of the dark woods when she met a big egg person stood up and Cathrine said “hello Sir “. Then the egg person turned around … it was a girl! ” Well i never. Just because i was climbing a wall does not make me a boy. Were living in the 21st century you know! equal chances for everyone!” Cathrine’s fat tears rolled down her cheeks silently. She had never been told off by anyone. So she ran home crying.

One thought on “This is my Home work

  1. What an imaginative story, Jay! I like the way the egg person speaks, ‘equal chances for everyone!’

    As you know Jay, I’m not a huge fan of starting stories with ‘once upon a time’. How else could you have started this?

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