It was my 9th birthday on Wednesday 6th July 2011 and I got 100 pounds birthday money!I got £50 from my mum and dad ,£10 from my auntie Dee,£10 from Carla’s nanny and grandad,£20 from my dad’s friend Mr Fowsie and £10 from Mrs Mansourjah who works in the school.I also got 3 ds games, a fashion designer set, a little teddy,some earrings and my friend Sabah gave me a little bag with a pink diamondy pen, a heart stamp, a bag stamp, a butterfly stamp, a flower stamp and a cool bracelet.I also got a whole lot more!It was the best birthday I’ve ever had so far.In the summer holidays I am having a little party and taking a few friends to see horrid Henry the movie.I can’t wait! I am going to invite Florence.Or Kelly.Maybe Lia? Oh I just cant decide!

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