-ing -ly sentence openers

I stole an idea from Miss Martindale, who teaches year 4 at Bearwood Primary, for our VCOP session today! We were creating -ing -ly sentenceĀ openers. Below are some of the ones we came up with. Can you create a a powerful ending for any of them? Or can you make up any more -ing -ly openers of your own?

  • Staring rudely
  • Clapping quietly
  • Skating rapidly
  • Shouting loudly
  • Screaming angrily
  • Strutting obnoxiously
  • Tiptoeing quietly
  • Strumming gently
  • Creeping spookily
  • Gobbling greedily
  • Writing badly
  • Banging madly
  • Peeking sneakily
  • Crunching noisily
  • Living exotically

44 thoughts on “-ing -ly sentence openers

  1. Peeking sneakily through a narrow slit in the curtains, Miranda saw Mr Smith steal ripe apples from her grandma’s beloved apple tree!

  2. This is an absolutely brilliant idea! I teach Year 6 at Ferry Lane Primary School in London. If it is ok perhaps I will try this as a starter with my class! Several of these could be combined together to make a very lovely poem!

    • It’s a great idea isn’t it?! I saw it on the Bearwod Blog last night and magpied it immediately! Would love to read year 6’s -ing -ly sentence starters. šŸ™‚

    • Another great -ing -ly sentence. You seem to have really got the hang of them, Yasmin! Time now to think about how you could make it even better. What about some adjectives to describe the carrots and the rabbit? Also check those random capital letters. Great stuff.

  3. Miss lotriet there are four people online not including me because it said there are five with me included!!!!

    Sorry this is not work.

    • I know, isn’t it exciting to see people on our blog! Yasmin, have you seen the comment from Mr Tobin below? I read the comment you left for Reena in his classon their blog too. It was so brilliant. Very positive and you told her exactly why you thought her writing was good. Keep it up! Oh, and 5 team points for you from Mr Tobin, via me. šŸ˜€

  4. Yasmin – This is Mr. Tobin from Newhall Park Primary School. You commented on Reena’s work earlier, can I just say what a lovely comment it was and how happy Reena will be when she reads it. Tell Mrs. she needs to give you some team points. I can’t wait to read some of your writing and I’m sure Reena will feel the same.
    Happy blogging
    Mr. Tobin

  5. Applausing tediously,the audience clapped the scarlet faced band after their drum kit hat collapsed on the stage!

  6. Writing badly… Mr Sloan commented on how well you all write! Excellent stuff Bankok class. I’m really excited to see your blog developing. Keep up the great work.

  7. thanks for this work that you put up miss Lotriet we were doing the same work in class come visit my blog it is ferrylane.net as you know you could press on our tags by the way my name is Cem

  8. thank you miss lotriat and the rest of the bangkok school for the work you put up on your blog. My class done it today and it went realy well so thank you again.

  9. Hi, I do not know many words ending with ing or ly but the words you came up with were verry clever and verry good and I would like to see some more of ing andly worrds.

  10. Hi, I do not know many words ending with ing or ly but the words you came up with were verry
    verry good and I would like to see some more of ing andly worrds.

  11. Starting suddenly, Miss Willer realised it was her final tutoring of Ivan for this academic year…….
    these are his ideas – well done Ivan,

    Running rapidly,
    Punching furiously,
    Staring wearily,
    Eating vigorously

    • You have included some wonderful adverbs here Ivan. I particularly like the word ‘vigorously’. Can you turn these sentence openers into sentences now?

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