On Wendensday 20th July It was my 9th birthday.The presnts i got were great. I got a purse from yasmin, a build-a-bear from my nan and grandad,a dvd ,2 cds and a ipod , that is the just mucic kind, from my mum and a puzzle book and pen from sunday school(At the church i go to).Also i got £70 birthday money. my first £40 i spent on a build-a-bear.Soon the other money is going to be spent on ds games.Here is who i got the money from:yasmin £5, flornce £10, my aunt silvelya £5, my mums freind jim £10,my uncle keith £10 and my dad £30.So thats my birthday epirnce. Thank you to everyone i menoined for a great birthday.

LONDON RIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all im going to miss u so much Miss lotriet and the second thing, is I am very scared about the riots because I  can see the smoke out of my window and i am so scared that it is in croydon near whit gift center!!

I just want to say stay safe everybody.


Every body please just stay safe! I hope this does not continue and the police do something about it. I hope it does not get to close to any of our houses. Do not go outside! Stay indors!

Last year in year 4

 We have left yr 4 and we are going to yr5 with Miss Latima  also i am going to miss Miss Lotriet alot almost half the class was crying and so was i but i will soon get over it we will not have 4 bangkok class blog again! but we will visit to see what the other yr 4 are doing on their new blogs.  

London Rap by Sabah and Yasmin

Im a South London kid from Kensington Avenue
Im sometimes in a bus and sometimes in a tube
I love it in the East and I love it in the West
We love London we think it is the best
We love to ride in Taxis and check out the View
And with our bubblegum we love to CHEW CHEW
I walk along the river it is called Thames
Then i like to have my lunch with all my best friends
I’ve seen the tower ,the bridge and the eye
Now i talked to you so long its time to say BYE BYE

London Rap

•We really love London because it is so cool
•You should all visit and that is the rule
•To see across London , you can go on the eye
•The views are really great because you are so high
•Go to Buckingham palace to have tea with the Queen
•But beware of the guards , they look really mean
•I walk across the river, its called the Thames
•In the sunshine it looks like a gem
•You should agree London is so cool because its much better then the school!

100 word challnge

The next day in the Magic Kingdom Twilight saw a new star in the sky which was a signal of a new fairy was coming. 5 minutes later the new fairy arrived called Starlight. She started crying when she arrived in the Magic Kingdom. Fat tears rolled down her cheeks silently. She made friends almost immediately when she meet Sunlight, they became best friends forever. They was together almost 16 hours a day but a year later another fairy came and she formed a friendship with her. Every year a new fairy comes so you wouldn’t be new for long. So she had loads of great friends forever.


Lola was busy dreaming about what presents she would get when she woke up. Then it happened. She woke up. She then turned round and reached for her glasses when she realised they weren’t there. Why? This made her peer in her nightie pocket.Her contacts were there. She put them in while her watch said 2:28am. “Not another one of Danny’s tricks.” She mumbled, bewildered. Soon after that she realised she was in a car boot. Her dad’s mercedes boot was green.  Fat tears rolled down her cheeks silently. She had been kidnapped on the morning of her birthday!

This is my Home work

Once upon a time Cathrine was walking in the woods. she was picking berry’s for her granny. her hair was red she had a red cloak, a dagger ( for protection). anyway back to the story she was in the middle of the dark woods when she met a big egg person stood up and Cathrine said “hello Sir “. Then the egg person turned around … it was a girl! ” Well i never. Just because i was climbing a wall does not make me a boy. Were living in the 21st century you know! equal chances for everyone!” Cathrine’s fat tears rolled down her cheeks silently. She had never been told off by anyone. So she ran home crying.


It was my 9th birthday on Wednesday 6th July 2011 and I got 100 pounds birthday money!I got £50 from my mum and dad ,£10 from my auntie Dee,£10 from Carla’s nanny and grandad,£20 from my dad’s friend Mr Fowsie and £10 from Mrs Mansourjah who works in the school.I also got 3 ds games, a fashion designer set, a little teddy,some earrings and my friend Sabah gave me a little bag with a pink diamondy pen, a heart stamp, a bag stamp, a butterfly stamp, a flower stamp and a cool bracelet.I also got a whole lot more!It was the best birthday I’ve ever had so far.In the summer holidays I am having a little party and taking a few friends to see horrid Henry the movie.I can’t wait! I am going to invite Florence.Or Kelly.Maybe Lia? Oh I just cant decide!